About HBI Solutions

We Believe in Better Health at a Lower Cost

HBI Solutions Inc., a strategic partner to healthcare organizations worldwide, delivers actionable information that helps providers reduce patient health risks, improve care quality, and lower the cost of care.

What Sets HBI Solutions Apart


Our deep and varied healthcare experience ranges from patient care and academic research to data science and business operations.

Data Data science

Our advanced machine learning and expert feature engineering provide risk assignment, stratification, and highly accurate predictions for your most at-risk populations.


We assess your needs, configure the right solution, and provide guidance to help you grow with confidence, continuously improve, and be successful as you manage more risk on your journey to value-based care.

Real Time Real-time insights

We aggregate and analyze data from a wide range of sources—including EMR, clinical, claims, laboratory, pharmacy, behavioral, sociological, genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and more—to deliver predictive analytics that meet your real-time needs.

Our History

HBI Solutions was founded in 2011 by Karl Sylvester, a pediatric surgeon; Bruce Ling, a PhD data scientist; and Eric Widen, a seasoned healthcare IT business executive—all of whom worked together at Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, California. The three shared a vision of improving health and reducing the cost of care. With the help of veteran health IT executive Frank Stearns, HBI built data models that could predict poor health outcomes before they happened, and then tested them in a variety of care settings and vetted them in multiple research studies.


We help healthcare organizations manage risk with proven data science and a guided approach to simplify the complex. Our expert staff of researchers, physicians, data scientists, healthcare IT executives, and developers work together to solve real healthcare challenges with applied data science.

Our Customers

Our customers include hospitals, health systems, physician practices, federally qualified health centers, accountable care organizations, health information exchanges, and payers. These forward thinking organizations are health IT leaders and support care for over 20 million people.

Our Partners

We serve healthcare organizations across the ecosystem from providers to payers and ACOs to HIEs. They all have different needs and work with a number of different technology vendors. That means serving them well requires collaboration with other companies equally passionate about improving population health.