The HBI Team


HBI Solutions was founded in 2011 by a physician, a PhD data scientist, and a healthcare IT business executive who shared a vision of improving health and reducing costs.

President and Founder



Executive Vice President

SVP, Product Strategy

Advisory Council

HBI continually seeks input and guidance from thought leaders and experts with backgrounds in clinical care, analytics, business, and healthcare improvement.

Salvatore DeTrane


Nicholas Donofrio


Terry Fouts, MD


David Nash, MD, MBA



Our expert staff includes researchers, physicians, PhD data scientists and developers.

Dorothy Dai

Application Analyst

Changlin Fu

Vice President, Engineering

Zunlu Lv

Data Scientist

Jane Jiang

Software Engineer

Bo Jin

Director of Engineering

Hua Jin

Data Scientist

Rohit Kalmankar

Software Engineer

Modi Liu

Software Engineer

Ling Yang

Executive Assistant

Rohit Sridhar

Software Engineer

Oliver Wang

Associate Data Scientist

Le Zheng, PhD

Director of Data Science

Chengyin Ye

Data Scientist

Gang Zheng

Director of China Office

Charles Zhu

Senior Software Engineer

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