Identify Those At-Risk for COVID-19 Morbidity & Mortality

Prioritize High Risk Patients and Population Members

Here are two simple ways to support outreach. Provide guidance, instruction and support to those most vulnerable to 2019- novel coronavirus among your population.

Create a Simple Cohort

Multiple Chronic Conditions

Areas across the globe experiencing COVID19 are indicating those with underlying chronic conditions, especially but not exclusively the aged, are most vulnerable to the worst outcomes related to the virus. A very simple way to use HBI Spotlight Population Risk to create an outreach list is to filter on the following few items:

  • Age > 50
  • Multiple Chronic Conditions
  • IP Admission Risk > 10*

*HBI Spotlight risk scores are calibrated to a probability. Our experience with over 40M individuals is that anyone with greater than 10% chance of an inpatient admission is elevated relative to the norm. Local variances occur. These models are based on client local populations, census data and include lifestyle and community social determinants which may influence risk.

Create a Specific Cohort

Specific Predisposing Conditions

The CDC, researchers and others at the front lines have identified specific conditions that put individuals at greater risk for poor outcomes with COVID19. HBI users can create and save a more specific outreach list with the following diagnoses and attributes:

  • Age > 50
  • Diabetes (E08-E13)
  • Cardiovascular Disease (I05-I69)

  • Respiratory Disease (J40-J47)

  • Multiple Chronic Conditions

  • IP Admission Risk > 10


Clients are encouraged to use the inpatient admission and emergency department visit probabilities to help anticipate resource demands during this crisis. Please contact us for additional guidance.