HBI Solutions and J2 Interactive Partner to Offer Turn-Key Predictive Analytics Solution

The two companies will offer a comprehensive solution to streamline adoption of advanced predictive analytics capabilities to prepare healthcare organizations for value-based care.

Mar 20, 2017 | Press

Palo Alto, CA (March 21, 2017) – Healthcare organizations need up-to-date and actionable information to support expanding population health efforts. They need to identify patients at highest risk of disease and unnecessary utilization, but many lack the systems and expertise to effectively install and optimize risk stratification tools.

HBI Solutions offers some of the most advanced predictive models on the market, giving organizations the power to predict onset of disease and future utilization, all in real-time. Now coupled with J2 Interactive’s deep experience in deploying customized health IT solutions, HBI can ensure their customers take full advantage of the risk scores and other business intelligence data their software provides.

“First of all,” said HBI CEO Eric Widen, “actionable risk scores require good data quality. Second, in order to impact population health, risk scores must be integrated into provider workflows and the care management process.” He explained that by partnering with J2 Interactive, the two can offer wrap-around services like ETL, customization and workflow integration support to optimize use of HBI’s powerful predictive models.

J2 Hbi Release

J2 will ensure that the HBI Spotlight Data Solution is fed high-quality, timely data and will validate that it’s properly integrated into a customer’s interoperability platform and applications. J2’s clinical analysts will also work with customers to integrate HBI’s risk scores with other clinical data to put interactive dashboards, alerts, and other actionable visualizations in the hands of users.

“Partnering with HBI will enable us to help our customers understand and serve their patients better than ever before,” says J2 co-founder and CEO Lou LaRocca. “By leveraging the HBI Spotlight Data Solution, healthcare organizations can now tap into real-time analytics to identify their highest risk patients and provide care that leads to better long-term outcomes.”

The full list of joint services includes:

  • Data access, data clean up and ETL processes
  • Installation, configuration, testing, and validation of interoperability software
  • Installation, configuration and training on the HBI Spotlight Data Solution
  • Integration of predictive model output into other workflows
  • Creation of Smart Programs and event notifications
  • Development of custom care management and workflow tools
  • Development of reports and dashboards to display the output of HBI’s predictive models, utilization analysis, and quality reporting

About J2 Interactive

J2 Interactive is an award-winning healthcare IT services firm whose deep expertise in application development, interoperability, and analytics drives innovations in health information exchange, master data management, and population health. Founded in 2001, J2 has established a reputation as one of the leading providers of customized technology solutions to hospitals, labs, research centers, and HIEs. J2’s approach is rooted in a fundamental belief that systems succeed or fail based on how well they serve the people who depend upon them. Visit www.j2interactive.com and follow them on Twitter @j2_interactive.

About HBI Solutions

HBI Solutions Inc. offers a proven suite of predictive analytics and performance analysis solutions to healthcare organizations worldwide. HBI’s Spotlight Data Solution, applications, and risk models use real-time clinical, billing, and claims data to provide healthcare organizations with actionable information to improve patient care at a lower cost. Flexible and easy to install, it can fit into any business intelligence, data warehouse, EHR, or interoperability system. HBI’s customers include health systems, physician practices, federally qualified health centers, accountable care organizations, payers, health information exchanges, and technology vendors. The company incorporated in 2011 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. For more information, visit hbisolutions.com, follow them on Twitter @hbi_solutions and visit their YouTube page.