Authored by: Laura Kanov, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

A long time leader in predictive analytics for healthcare, HBI Solutions now counts itself among those vendors certified by NCQA on a partial list of 2020 HEDIS® measures earlier this month.

Available now in Spotlight Analytics 2.0 and greater, clients can select from among (28) HEDIS® Health Plan and HEDIS® Allowable Adjustments Measures certified for 2020. HBI Solutions combines quality compliance and gaps in care with future risk for a unique population stratification strategy and whole person view. Clients can choose to export gaps in care to workflow tools to put information directly in a user’s workflow and to automate activities like communications and program enrollment.

“Clients are looking for an easy way to track quality compliance and close gaps in care on a month to month or even day to day basis,” explains Eric Widen, CEO of HBI Solutions. “Measures deployed within our UI provide lots of flexibility to cohort, compare and manage on diagnoses, future risks, programs, attributions and much more.”

HBI is committed to building, certifying and deploying other HEDIS® measures as more and more clients continue to focus on quality within and across organizations, systems and regions. HEDIS® is a registered trademark of NCQA.