Authored by: Amy Saenger, Marketing Communications Specialist

August has been a busy month for HBI Solutions and the healthcare industry! We’ve traveled across the country and spoken to individuals in many markets along the healthcare continuum. Along the way, we continued to see one common goal: Healthcare professionals remain focused on improving care quality and lowering the cost of care.

The first stop: Supplemental Health, DI and LTC Conference in San Diego, CA
On August 7th, Eric Widen, HBI Solutions’ CEO, took the stage alongside representatives of Long Term Care Group to address a growing concern among actuarial/product development teams: changing the business performance curve and reshaping the long-term care market, without disrupting care. This session specifically focused on how machine learning can assist actuaries to accurately and more efficiently assess policy risk and set premium prices.

Next up: Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference in Portland, OR.
As we headed north, our focus shifted from policy and premium price-points, to an epidemic that is drastically impacting our Medicaid population: Opioid abuse/misuse. Affecting 889 per 100,000 Medicaid beneficiaries in 2013, opioid addiction is now the #1 cause of death for individuals under 50. Widen took the stage again, this time with FEI Systems, to share how the use of data and machine learning can help support a targeted opioid abuse reduction strategy.

Predictive analytics was well-received by the audience, and we welcomed the opportunity to discuss how machine learning in particular helps providers identify individuals at risk within a user workflow to drive risk mitigation and prevention. Send us an email at to set-up your demo.

HBI Travels East: Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative in Atlanta, GA.
The conversations we engaged in around the role of HIEs in addressing critical healthcare issues including opioid abuse, better coordination of care between medical and behavioral health professionals, and better collaboration between payers and providers were truly inspiring.

Check out our Spotlight Predictive Analytics Solution to see how HBI Solutions helps HIE members reduce utilization, lower overall costs and improve quality performance.

Last Stop: Health:Further in Nashville, TN.
This was our first time at Health:Further! This conference brought together new and seasoned entrepreneurs, funding entities and some of healthcare’s heaviest hitters like HCA and Walmart executives to share experiences, advice and debate on some of healthcare’s most challenging issues.

Our First KLAS Rating: HBI Solutions Nails KLAS Rating for Advanced Analytics in a Tough Field of Healthcare Business Intelligence Vendors
Newly released KLAS Research report “Healthcare Business Intelligence 2018” has rated the company for advanced analytics with an overall score of 91.3.  The report analysis evaluated 23 vendors on 8 important analytics functions, including advanced analytics, comprised of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Analytics, Natural Language Processing and Use of Non-Traditional Data Sources.

We’re proud of our entire team here at HBI Solutions for maintaining a focus on client satisfaction. The result? 100% of clients surveyed answered “Yes” when asked if they would buy from HBI Solutions again. Sign up to access the full report here.

What’s on the Horizon
After a crazy month, we’re not slowing down. Keep an eye out this September for a new whitepaper addressing rising suicide attempt rates across the U.S., and how having predictive tools at the point of care helps target the highest risk patients, better allocate resources, and hopefully save lives.