Maine HIE first to deploy HBI Solutions Analytics Tools

Sep 23, 2013 | Blog

Palo Alto, CA—September 23, 2013—HBI Solutions announced today that HealthInfoNet, Maine’s statewide health information exchange (HIE), one of the nation’s leading and most advanced statewide HIEs, will implement HBI’s Spotlight Data Platform and Analytic solutions. These tools will help HealthInfoNet and the providers it serves to leverage its comprehensive clinical data repository to better understand healthcare delivery and outcomes improvement opportunities for Maine patients. HealthInfoNet will be able to conduct market share, clinical performance, population management and predictive outcomes analyses using HBI’s healthcare data model, advanced analytic modules, and patient risk models.

HealthInfoNet’s clinical data repository contains records for 1.2 million individuals with over 4.5 million annual provider encounters. HBI has been working with HealthInfoNet over the past year to assess the feasibility and value of using this repository for population and provider based analysis. Based on this work, both organizations felt their partnership could bring significant value to HealthInfoNet, its member organizations and Maine patients. The two recently entered into an agreement to further implement the HBI tools in Maine.

HBI Solutions, founded by industry leaders and researchers associated with Stanford University, is a provider of performance management and business intelligence solutions to healthcare organizations. HBI’s predictive risk models, evidence-based practice analysis, and resource utilization management tools are some of the most comprehensive and advanced available to assist healthcare organizations to improve performance.

Using HBI’s tools, HealthInfoNet will be able to identify patients at risk for negative outcomes or resource intensive events such as emergency department visits, hospital admissions or re-admissions and lengthy hospital stays. HealthInfoNet will also be able to use real time data to provide comparative performance analysis including mortality rates, length of stay, incidence of chronic disease and provider market share.

“Over the past year, HBI has helped us improve the quality of the data in our clinical repository and prove its value for advanced reporting and analysis purposes. We are pleased to enter into an agreement to use the HBI tools,” said HealthInfoNet CEO, Dev Culver. “The HBI data platform will allow us to better analyze and use the data we manage to provide the type of analytics our member organizations need to better understand and improve patient care.”

“We are very pleased and excited to enter into this ongoing relationship with HealthInfoNet,” said Eric Widen, President of HBI Solutions. “They have been a great partner and have demonstrated that they are committed to providing the most value possible to their member organizations and Maine patients. Our Spotlight Data Platform and Analytic solutions will enable HealthInfoNet to provide the type of analysis that HIEs need to offer to their participants to be successful.”

For more information and to set up interviews:

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Eric Widen, President
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Amy Landry, Communications Manager
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About HealthInfoNet

HealthInfoNet is an independent, nonprofit organization using health information technology to improve patient care quality and safety. The organization’s core service line is the management of a secure computer system, called a health information exchange, for doctors, hospitals and other caregivers to share important health information and improve patient care. The organization also serves as the Maine Regional Extension Center, helping primary care providers adopt and effectively use electronic health records. The organization is based in Portland, Maine and serves healthcare providers and their patients statewide. For more information visit

About HBI Solutions

HBI Solutions is a healthcare data analytics company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

HBI provides a healthcare data platform and analytic solutions that give healthcare organizations actionable information to improve patient outcomes at a lower cost.  Their clients include health information exchanges, hospitals, physician practices, electronic medical record software vendors, and management consulting companies.

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